August 15, 2022
AC Service in Madera, CA

Central AC systems require annual service. For most models, this is necessary for remaining compliant with the terms and conditions of manufacturer warranties. However, certain environmental factors, AC accessories, and health conditions may make it necessary to schedule professional service more frequently. Read on to find out how often the air conditioner in your Fresno, CA home should be professionally inspected and maintained.

Integrated Air Conditioner Accessories

Central HVAC systems that have integrated accessories may benefit from additional preventative maintenance. Certain integrated accessories can negatively impact air pressure levels and cause excess wear on home heating and cooling equipment. Although it’s generally best to schedule AC tune-ups just before the start of the summer season, you may want to schedule a second visit just after the season ends. This is especially true if you have one of the following integrated components:

  • Dehumidifier
  • Humidifier
  • Air purifier
  • Air scrubber

End-of-summer inspections will ensure that heavy seasonal demand has not impacted the ability of your air conditioner and all secondary units to work seamlessly together.

Exposure to Smoke

If outdoor air quality plummets during fire season, this is another great reason to have your AC unit inspected before summer ends in addition to your normal AC maintenance service. Heavy outdoor smoke can have a long-term impact on the functionality, efficiency, and safety of your HVAC equipment. A second inspection will give your service provider the chance to mitigate any damages that heavy smoke from nearby forest fires have caused.

Health Concerns and Environmental Factors

It’s important for homeowners to have their AC systems serviced both at the beginning and the end of the summer season if they have residents with chronic respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD, or allergies and multiple risk factors for indoor air quality concerns. This is also a good idea if you live near active construction or near a busy freeway, or if you or your neighbors live on grounds that haven’t been landscaped.

Keep in mind that Southern California is prone to “second summer” or a streak of consistently hot weather that can last throughout the entire first month of fall. This makes August and September an excellent time to have a trusted HVAC company make sure that your air conditioner is still performing as it should.

At Brian’s Heating & Cooling, Inc., we provide heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repair services to residents of Fresno and Madera, California. We also offer duct cleaning, duct sealing, and indoor air quality services. If you have any questions about AC maintenance, we have the answers. Call us today.

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