January 5, 2021

In order for a heating system to keep your home comfortable, hot air has to reach the vents somehow. A fan blows the air through the air ducts to deliver the air at the preferred temperature. Unfortunately, the air doesn’t always travel solo. There may be dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris inside the air ducts. Hopefully, cleaning out the ducts could restore them to a better and cleaner state. How often should homeowners perform duct cleanings?

A Recommended Time for Air Duct Cleanings

Is there an established recommended timeframe for air duct cleanings? Yes, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) provides that recommendation. Three to five years represents a reasonable period to perform the necessary cleanings.

If the air ducts did not receive a cleaning in recent memory, requesting a duct cleaning job right away seems helpful. If there’s already a significant amount of dirt inside the ducts, expect the amount to grow with additional delays.

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Speeding Up the Duct Cleaning Routine

Even when you recently had air duct cleaning work performed, there may be instances where another cleaning job might be necessary. Dirt, dust, and pet hair don’t exist on a timetable. They could collect at any time. Periodic checks of the air ducts, likely during an annual or bi-annual HVAC cleaning, might reveal that the ducts need to be cleaned again.

Was there any remodeling work performed on the home? That could kick extra debris into the furnace and the ducts, necessitating an additional cleaning. A recent pest infection might lead to checking out the ducts and finding unwanted pest-related debris. Cleaning the mess might become a top priority.

Cleaning air ducts has many upsides, whether doing so on schedule or when an unexpected problem arises.

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