August 10, 2021
AC Installation in Madera, CA

Even when professionals do the job, the process of installing an AC unit can seem complicated and daunting. Understanding how AC units are installed in your home can not only give you more confidence in the AC’s function, but it can also give you the knowledge to approach potential issues on your own when they arise.

How the Pros Start a Home Installation

When an installation team arrives at your home, they often start by collecting information about your current air cooling system that could be relevant when installing an AC unit. From there, the team will level the ground where your AC unit will sit. Usually, a gravel base will be added for the new AC unit to be placed on.

Once the foundation for the AC unit is situated, the installation team will remove the existing evaporator coil. Before they can install the new one, they must disconnect the sheet metal plenum, which can be particularly difficult if rooms, closets, etc. are built around it. Sometimes, additional prep work will need to be done to the supply plenum before the new coil can be installed properly.

Next, the team will need to install new copper refrigerant lines and a new AC condenser, which includes removing the old ones. Putting new copper refrigerant lines in requires a bit of maneuvering so that the lines can be protected from corroding. Other processes such as brazing come into play with the setting of the new AC condenser.

Connecting the New AC Unit

Similar action is then taken to install other components of the AC unit such as the filter drier, high- and low-voltage wiring, the condensate drain line, etc. When the team is finished, a relatively quick final process is executed in which any debris is brushed off of the unit and all components are confirmed to be working in order.

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