February 17, 2023
Home Filtration in Madera, CA

Whether you work from home or simply enjoy your nights and weekends there, you still spend hours each day exposed to the air indoors. It’s important to make sure your home’s indoor air is clean and healthy. However, without an air filtration system, your home’s air can become crowded with everything from viruses to mold spores and toxins from cleaning chemicals. Below are some of the many benefits of installing an air filtration system.

Destroy Airborne Illnesses

Although germs and virus particles are invisible to the naked eye, they can often be found circulating throughout your home’s air ducts. When someone coughs and sneezes in your home, those germs can travel throughout the home and infect anyone they come into contact with. Standard furnace filters are too porous to trap germs, but air filtration systems can. Adding a whole-house air purifier can filter out viruses and greatly reduce the possibility of illnesses spreading throughout your home.

Filter Out Allergens

If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, you’ll be relieved to hear that air filtration systems can vanquish pesky allergens from your home’s air supply. This means significantly fewer runny noses, red eyes, and dry coughs throughout the year. Air filtration systems can remove a variety of allergens, including pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander.

Experience Better Climate Control

Air filtration systems aren’t just good for your own health – they also benefit your air conditioner and furnace. Dirty air is more difficult for your home HVAC system to heat up or cool down. Over time, the delicate machinery and components within the system can become clogged with dust and debris. This causes the system to work harder, leading to issues like higher energy bills and more frequent repairs. An air filter will remove this particulate and prevent it from entering your HVAC.

Live Cleaner With Air Filtration

If you’re interested in experiencing the many benefits of installing an air filtration system, you can count on the pros from Brian’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. We carry an impressive lineup of whole-house systems from reliable brands. In addition to indoor air quality solutions, we also offer comprehensive heating and cooling service, duct cleaning and sealing, energy audits, tankless water heaters, and ventilation solutions. Call us today to schedule one of our services.

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