Reliable Duct Cleaning in Madera

    Duct Cleaning in Madera, CABrian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. is a locally owned business in Madera, CA, that offers professional, trusted duct cleaning services. We’re an award-winning company that has earned awards from Lennox and Angie’s List. Our outstanding customer service is what has earned us our A+ rating with the BBB and 15 years of success in the area.

    We offer Energy Star products, and we work hard to save you money on your energy bills. Our owner, Brian Padilla, got into the HVAC industry in 1984 and started his own company in 2005. He wanted to start a heating and cooling company that offered customers value and honest professional opinions. Both his wife, Michele, and son, Jordan, work for the company.

    We’re known for:
    • Superior customer service
    • Convenient service hours
    • High standards for our services
    • Easy appointment scheduling

    Madera’s Duct Cleaning Specialists

    Duct Cleaning Specialists in MaderaTo clean your ducts, we “zone” your supply and return air ducts so they can be cleaned separately. Our process breaks contaminants loose so they can be removed and disposed of. Our service includes cleaning the coils, registers, blower motor and assembly, air filters, air cleaner, heat exchanger, and drain pan.

    Our air duct services in Madera improve airflow, so your heater and air conditioner don’t have to work extra hard. This saves you money on your utility bills. It also helps remove unpleasant odors from pets, cleaning products, food preparation and tobacco use.

    Other benefits include:
    • Purified indoor air
    • Better comfort for allergy and asthma sufferers
    • Sanitation of air ducts
    • Less dusting

    Another great benefit to our air duct services is that it allows for more efficient performance out of your heating and cooling systems. By cleaning our your air ducts, your heater and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to push treated air through the ducting and out of the vents. This means less stress on your equipment, lower energy costs, and help to extend the lifespan out of your home comfort systems.

    Trusted Air Duct Services

    Since Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. started doing business in 2005, we’ve been raising the bar in air duct services here in Madera. Our technicians show up on time for appointments and are ready to get right to work. Our goal is to make your home comfortable and your indoor air healthy for your family.

    Our team also provides duct cleaning to residents in:

    Our company features friendly and knowledgeable technicians who strive to meet high standards of customer service. We offer dependable services and a focus on your home’s comfort and safety. You can count on us to truly listen to you and meet your personalized needs.

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