Heat Pump ServicesIf you’re noticing strange noises or odors coming from your heat pump in Madera, CA, you might be in need of heat pump repair. It’s a multipurpose part of your HVAC system that handles both heating and cooling, so it basically runs all year long. In the summertime, it pulls heat out of your indoor air to cool everything off; in the wintertime, it pulls heat from the outdoor air to make everything nice and toasty inside. The dual nature of the pump is great for homeowner convenience, but it also means that many things can go wrong with it, and problems can strike during any season.

    Fixing Your Heat Pump

    Issues with your pump can range from clogged filters to broken coils and compressors. Since it’s constantly running, it’s easily overworked. It can also get damaged and worn down over time.

    You’ll need to keep an eye on your pump to ensure that everything’s operating as it should. Additionally, you should remain vigilant so that smaller problems don’t snowball into larger ones. Something simple like a refrigerant leak can lead to ice forming on your pump, which can lead to less efficiency in terms of heating power, which can then lead to you cranking up the thermostat and skyrocketing your utility bills.

    These are a few signs that your heat pump isn’t working properly.
    • Bad smells
    • Strange or repetitive noises
    • Lack of heat in the home
    • Poor airflow
    • Unexpectedly high energy bills

    We can fix some problems with basic troubleshooting. For example, a foul odor might be coming from a clogged drain line that’s started to grow mold. A pump that isn’t turning on might have a faulty starter capacitor. We can replace filters, swap in new parts, break through clogs, clear out ice and debris, and perform many other repair and maintenance tasks.

    If your pump has suffered significant damage or has gotten very old, you might need to upgrade the entire thing. The good news is that we offer complete heat pump replacement. We’ll remove the old unit, install a new one, and ensure that your HVAC system is back in action.

    We also offer evaluations if you need a professional opinion about the state of a pump. If you’re buying or selling a home, we can tell you if it’s ready for inspection. If you’re considering a renovation, we can provide insight into aspects like size, placement, price, and capacity.

    The Heat Pump Experts

    Heat Pump Repair in Madera CA

    At Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc., we understand the importance of having a working HVAC system. That’s why we offer a wide range of services for pumps, furnaces, and other critical elements in hvac system. Whether you’re looking for an emergency repair or a scheduled upgrade, we can get the job done.

    What sets us apart? For starters, we’ve been serving the residents of Madera since 2005. We’re also capable of handling residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Last but not least, we’re a family-owned business with relatives working as everything from technicians to finance managers. We put a personal touch into all that we do.

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    You don’t have to shiver because of a malfunctioning HVAC system. If you need service for your heat pump in Madera, call us at Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. for repairs, replacements, and more!