Duct SealingHow do you know if you need air duct sealing in Clovis, CA? You might have recently noticed strange smells or sounds coming from your ductwork. There may be uneven airflow or rooms in the home that never seem to get warm. Reliable heat is essential during the frigid winter months. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to keep your home safe for your loved ones. Don’t keep worrying about what’s going wrong in your ductwork. Rely on our experts in duct sealing in Clovis. Count on us for professional sealing that could save you money and keep your home heated.

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    You will quickly begin to notice if something has gone wrong with your ducts. The temperature in the home will fluctuate frequently. There may be more dust in the air or on the vent covers. You may begin to hear sounds from the ductwork indicating pests have made nests inside. Your furnace will continue to function even if the ducts have been damaged or are leaking air. This can result in higher utility bills as the warm air is let out in unheated areas like the basement or in the walls.

    Watch out for any signs your ducts may be unsealed. Call us immediately if you notice any changes that could be related to your ductwork.
    • Inconsistent airflow
    • Cold rooms that never heat up
    • New pest infestation
    • Higher utility bills
    • More dust in the air

    The ductwork in your home can wear down due to aging products. They can also be damaged due to animals, home remodels, or water leaks. The ducts are responsible for carrying heated air through the home and maintaining air quality. When the ducts begin to leak, the integrity of the heating and air system is put at risk.

    Maintaining and repairing your ducts as needed ensures your furnace isn’t suffering from additional stress that could shorten its durability and lifespan. Duct sealing can improve the safety of your home for the foreseeable future.

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    Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. is dedicated to high-quality professional assistance and customer satisfaction. We provide expert air duct sealing at reasonable rates you won’t find anywhere else. Our technicians are professional and respectful and ready to answer all of your questions and offer sound advice. With a professional examination and high-grade tools and materials, all of your duct sealing needs are just a phone call away. Whether you’re in Harlan Ranch or down near Rotary Park, we’re ready to offer flexible appointments.

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    Don’t let your heat be wasted this winter. Call now to request a trusted air duct sealing team in Clovis. Check out our other services available, like duct cleaning and indoor air quality services!