July 16, 2020

Assessing the condition of your HVAC system involves the use of an HVAC gauge. HVAC gauges are referred to as a gauge set or manifold gauge set. The gauge set you use should match the refrigerant in the cooling system being tested. Some sets can read more than one type of refrigerant. Trained technicians usually have more than one gauge set.

Types of Manifold Gauges

Manifold gauges are either analog or digital. Both styles are designed to measure gas and vacuum pressure. Digital gauges calculate readings for the technician and return them to a digital screen. Analog manifold gauges require the technician to read the gauges and convert the readings mathematically.

Parts of Analog Manifold Gauges

Analog gauge sets have two gauges on top. The low-pressure one is blue, and the high pressure one is red. The gauges are connected to a rectangular manifold body which has two valves attached. The valves are used to control the gas flow through the gauge.

Three couplings are attached to the manifold. One connects a blue hose to the blue gauge, and one connects a red hose to the red gauge. The middle one is a utility line. It’s typically used to add or discharge refrigerant from the HVAC system. Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides complete AC maintenance in Madera. Our expert technicians can keep the cold air flowing throughout your home.

Using the Gauge Set

When using an analog gauge set, the needle of the gauge you’re using should point to zero before taking a reading. If it doesn’t, it needs to be recalibrated. When in use, the needle will move and stabilize to provide a reading. The reading will need to be mathematically converted to be properly used in diagnosis.

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