December 3, 2020

Proper ventilation in your attic affects the entirety of your home. If your attic doesn’t have enough ventilation, it increases your utility bills and causes damage to your roof. Sufficient insulation is vital to safeguarding your comfort and lowering your utility bills.

How Attic Ventilation Works

A properly ventilated attic has intake vents in the soffits and exhaust vents at the roof’s peak. This allows air to continuously flow through the area. Cooler air is pulled in through the intake vents, and warm air blows out of the exhaust vents.

Why You Need Attic Ventilation

If an attic isn’t sufficiently ventilated, excess heat and moisture damage the roof and make your home uncomfortable. During the summer, excessive heat in the attic causes the roof to prematurely age. The heat can also radiate down into your home’s living space, which drives up your energy bills as your air conditioner struggles to compensate for it.

In the winter, warm air will escape from your conditioned space into an attic. This makes it more expensive to heat your home and causes snow on the roof to melt. The result is ice dams forming along the eaves, which can cause water damage to the roof and potentially to the interior walls.

In Madera, CA, Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. handles the full range of ventilation issues. These include whole-house fan service, dryer vent cleaning and bathroom exhaust fan service.

Signs of Insufficient Attic Ventilation

One sign that your attic lacks sufficient ventilation is when your heating and cooling bills are climbing for no discernable reason. In the winter, you may spot ice building up along the edge of your home’s roof. If you inspect your attic, look for rust and corrosion on metal objects like nails, light fixtures and exposed parts of the HVAC system. Check the underside of the roof to see if there are water stains or frost.

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