September 23, 2020

A central heating and cooling system provide conditioned air to a home through ductwork. The problem with this is a lot of the air is lost through holes and misaligning in the ducts. Ductless systems have a number of advantages as they don’t use ducts.

Energy Efficiency

Since ductless systems don’t deliver air through ducts, all of the conditioned air that is generated is delivered to your home. This makes them a highly energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home. They’re at least 30% more efficient than central systems as that’s how much-conditioned air is lost in the typical home.

Energy Efficiency vs. System Cost

Cooling systems are rated on a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Most ductless systems have a SEER rating of between 13 and 33. The higher the rating, the more expensive the system will be. A system with a high SEER rating will be less expensive to operate, though.

Professional Installation

You should only have a ductless system installed by a professional technician. They’re complicated to install as they are an outdoor unit and up to nine indoor units. An incorrectly installed ductless system can have problems such as leaking refrigerant, compromised mounting issues, and wiring problems. It’s not a job for a DIYer, call Brian's Heating & Cooling, Inc. of Madera, CA, we install and services ductless AC systems. We’ve been in business since 2005.


One of the large advantages of these systems is that you can zone your home with them. An outdoor ductless unit can supply refrigerant to as many as nine indoor units. As you can operate these independently, you can heat and cool only the rooms you are using.

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