September 13, 2022
Mini-Split in Madera, CA

Your home doesn’t have ducts, and you don’t plan on ever installing them. In that case, the best way to cool your home is by using mini-split systems. Mini-splits are heat pumps composed of the same components (air handler, compressor, refrigerant line). The differences are that they cool only one room and don’t come with ducts.

How Mini-Splits Cool a Space

If you install a mini-split, you’ll need a space on the wall for the air handler. It’s a compact, stylish-looking device, and you will not have a challenge fitting it into a room. You could hang it from the ceiling, too. The compressor goes outside, and the refrigerant line can stretch as far as 50 feet.

The refrigerant that courses through the line will absorb heat from your space and release it outdoors. This line needs only a 3-inch hole in the wall to come into your home. All the cool air it produces goes straight into the room, too, which means energy savings.

How You’ll Save Money on a Mini-Split

Mini-splits are costlier than ducted heat pumps, but they save you more in the long run. With the passages, you lose cool air through cracks and poor sealing. Besides that, ducted systems cool the entire home, even the empty areas. With mini-splits, you can turn off the air handler in a given room when it’s unoccupied.

Mini-splits boast variable-speed technology, too. With this, you can avoid shutting down and starting up the system so much: a primary cause of wear and tear. Compared to the 15 or 20 years that a central AC can last, you could get up to 30 years of performance out of a well-maintained mini-split.

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