December 14, 2023
Energy Audits in Madera, CA

An energy audit is a survey determining how much energy a building consumes. It also evaluates the parts using excess energy. It is conducted by an energy auditor who will recommend ways to improve energy efficiency. The duration of the audit will depend on its type. A walk-through audit takes the shortest time while a detailed audit takes the longest. But what does the energy audit involve?

1. Evaluation

Before engaging in an energy audit, collect energy bills for the past 12 months. During the evaluation process, the auditor will examine the collected data. This will help identify the consumption patterns and trends. The auditor will inquire about the building and the kind of HVAC systems used. A comparison is made with industry standards to gauge their efficiency.

2. Testing

After understanding your building, the auditor will validate the data. Through testing, the auditor will pinpoint the areas that are energy inefficient. This may include leaks, faulty sensors, or inefficient operation of HVAC systems. Depending on the testing method, an auditor may measure energy consumption, temperature, or humidity directly to get real-time data. Instruments such as power meters can be used to measure electrical consumption. Infrared thermography may also be used to detect insulation gaps and malfunctioning components.

3. Energy Recommendation

The energy auditor will offer recommendations based on the findings. The recommendations are prioritized based on cost-effectiveness, energy savings, and urgency of implementation. Often, it includes upgrading equipment or improving insulation. The auditor may also recommend employee training on energy-efficient practices. A detailed financial analysis will be offered. It shows the initial investment, expected energy savings, payback period, and return on investment. This information will help homeowners make more informed decisions.

Having an energy audit is one way that will help you have energy-efficient systems and save money on your energy bills. At Brian’s Heating and Cooling, we offer the highest quality heating and cooling services in Madera, CA. We have a BBB A+ rating, Energy Star Certification, Dealer Awards, and Angi Super Service Awards. With this, you are assured of satisfaction with our services. Contact Brian’s Heating & Cooling today to enjoy our services.

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