April 11, 2022
Ductless Mini-split in Madera, CA

If you are in need of a new air conditioner for your home, you may be considering the cost difference between window air conditioners and a central HVAC system. While the purchase price for these is definitely much different, the overall costs depend on various factors. Read on to find out which is the more affordable option.

The Short Answer

A window air conditioner costs significantly less than a central air conditioning system. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $150 for a small portable air conditioner to well over $500 for a larger Energy Star-certified unit. Central air conditioners can easily run over $5,000 or more depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the installation.

Window Units Are Cheaper to Purchase

Window air conditioners are a great option for renters, people living in apartments or historic homes, or anyone who wants to keep their costs down. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase but usually only cool one room at a time. That means you would need several for a medium-sized house, which would increase your costs.

However, if you have an HVAC system already installed, running it may be the more cost-effective option. The cost of installing an HVAC system is high, but it has lower operating costs than window units. The type of air conditioning system that is right for you depends on your circumstances, your home size and layout, and how many rooms you want to cool.

What size of cooling system do you need, and how much will it cost? First and foremost, the cost of cooling systems vary depending on your location, your home’s size, and construction details. The only way to know the amount of savings you can expect is to talk to a local HVAC pro who has experience working in your area.

If you would like more information on cooling systems, Brian’s Heating and Cooling is available to help. Our trained experts can recommend an HVAC system that will fit your needs perfectly. We have been serving the residents of Madera, Fresno, and the surrounding areas for the past 15 years. We offer heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance, as well as energy audits and indoor air quality assessments. Contact us today for more information.

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